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Thank you, and welcome to the Metal Works, Inc. On-Stream Leak Sealing Store.  Our On-Stream Leak Sealing Store has been built by experienced on-stream leak sealers for on-stream leak sealing professionals.  In our quest to be your one stop supply shop, our leak sealing experts have gathered the best quality items for you to choose from.

We stock a wide array of inventory, tools & accessories specifically tailored for the specialty service contractor. That’s right, as well as being thee premier fabricator of specialty clamps & enclosures, Metal works is now your “One-Stop Shop” and only choice to fill your leak sealing supply needs. 

Clamps/Enclosures & Hardware

Within our site you will find all those hard to find items you would typically utilize while performing most on-stream repairs or services.  From Drill & Tap specific bits & taps, measurement tools, to wrap wire, brass rod, cap nuts and even injection guns & accessories, Metal Works is going to have you covered.  We even stock Furmanite-style bits, taps and valves.  Need something and don’t see it here?  Simply drop us a line and we’ll find it or make it for you. 


Register and utilize our easy to use online ordering system using your credit card or fill out our credit application to obtain a direct bill account.  You can also email us at  and someone will get back to you within 24hrs to process your order.

Want it faster and already have an account with Metal Works?  Simply add the supplies you want to your emailed clamp order and our experts will pull that inventory and include with your clamp or enclosure. You can also note your clamp order & PO when using our online ordering system and we’ll make sure your accessories get sent along with your clamp or enclosure. 

We know the importance of a timely response to your clients emergency leak sealing needs.  We also know the importance of being able to get the parts you need fast.   Metal Works, Inc wants to be your exclusive source for on-stream fabrication, tools, accessories and support and invite you take advantage of our goods and services.  We are certain you’ll be very happy with the ease and convenience our one-stop “Leak Sealing” Shop brings to you! 


Metal Works, Inc. and Plant Services, Inc have completed something unprecedented in the on-stream leak sealing community.  We've put together the first independent on-stream repairs training facility, built to service contractors within the leak sealing industry.  

Combining decades of experience and knowledge in the specialty contracting field, our extremely experienced experts have formed the SRTS Group.  SRTS stands for Specialty Repair Technical Support.  A full-functioning technical support department and training facility, designed to support you, the small businesses out there working hard to keep our petrochemical and industrial customers on-line.


Our Training department offers complete comprehensive training for your technicians, from basic nomenclature knowledge to advanced training with more technical procedures such as valve kills, line crimps and jobs involving critical chemicals.

Students that attend our training, will receive training customized to your company's needs.  Instruction includes classroom and hands-on training where the student will perform actual procedures under the watchful eye of our instructors.  Technical testing is also administered at the conclusion of the training. Passing students will receive a diploma and your company will receive a letter of completion for backup, should a client want verification of independent training.  


Take advantage of our extensive leak sealing knowledge by hiring our technical support department to provide "chem checks", provide technical support for field personnel, and even log your critical job data for easy reference later.   

When hired, consider our SRTS department to be your technical support department.  We'll be there to support you for everything from chem checks, to clamp calculation review, to phone calls with clients all the way up to on-site visits for consultation or incident follow-up. 

On-Stream Leak Sealing Network

The On-Stream Leak Sealing Network is a web-based support group for small business owners to stay connected with other leak sealing companies to share resources, ideas and provide support to each other.  

Being a small business owner is difficult at best.  It is even more difficult when you are competing to get that job when you don't have the access to manpower or equipment like the giant "you know who" companies.  It can be very frustrating knowing if you just had the resources necessary, you could get that job and do it better than that giant corporate monster.

Well, welcome to your support headquarters!  Our Leak Sealing Network Chatroom is a private communications network, where you can log in and put in your request to our other Leak Sealing Network members.  The network is an invitation only site, so you know you are communicating only with other decision makers in the leak sealing community.  

Need to see if someone has a line freeze jacket you can rent, or in need of a pipe cut/bevel machine?  Log in and put it on our message board. Have you got a large job coming up and need a couple experienced hands at installing composite?  Log in and put it on our board. 

When you register and set up your account, you'll be able to customize how your questions get sent out to other members, as well as get notifications from other members on your phone when an inquiry for help or equipment come across.

It's been too long coming, but now "Small Businesses Unite" and let's band together, pool our resources and fight that good fight against the corporate enigma we all battle.  Together, we are each stronger than we are separate. 

Please feel free to contact me directly for questions or concerns for this or any of our other services/products.  I'm here to help where ever I can. 

Thomas Thayer


Leak Sealing Network