Hi-Lo Mismatch Measuring Gauge

Hi-Lo Mismatch Measuring Gauge

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Ginode Hi-Lo Welding Gauge Gage Test Ulnar Welder Inspection Gauge Tool Test Ulnar Welder Inspection for Welding Measurement Tools


  • ▲Hi-Lo welding gauge both standard and Metric reading.
  • ▲Measures internal alignment of pipe after fit-up/ alignment, cuts radiographic rejects as well as of pipe before and after tacking.
  • ▲All sizes and numerals are etched into the surface for clarity and easier reading.
  • ▲Changes from standard to metric simply remove gauge body, turn scales over and replace body.
  • ▲Polished, bright and clean without burr, rust laser engraved line and will not rub off . Can be calibrated to NBS standard.

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