Serpentine Crew Gun - Foot Pump Style #1700

Serpentine Crew Gun - Foot Pump Style #1700

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Now with a 20" barrel - volume of 32.5 cu.i.
With seal in grease barrel cap, this will handle most fluids & greases

For pumping all kinds of SEALANT and THERMAL-SETTING material to 10,000 p.s.i., 10 CFM air.
20" barrel length / 32.5 cu. in. volume (2) Standard 'J' size sticks.

With standard 9 foot hoses from AIR/HYDRAULIC pump to gun, 12" hose from gun to coupler, With the 20" grease barrel: 45.5 lbs.

To load, open by-pass valve at side of gun, unscrew carrying handle, take off barrel cap, use supplied wooden dowel to push piston to bottom of barrel, and load material. Replace cap and handle and close by-pass valve. Connect pump to air supply and unit is ready to use.

Note: An in-line air filter and lubricator should be installed as close to unit as possible. Otherwise, pump requires 4 drops of #10 oil in air inlet for each day of use.

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