Serpentine Grease Gun #1699

Serpentine Grease Gun #1699

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This specially designed, high pressure handgun, light in weight (approximately 16 lbs.), is more rugged than conventional types and meets the exacting demands of plug valve sealants. Built for servicing plug valves, all parts are machined with minute accuracy.

The Serpent 1699 is self-priming and can be used in any position. Because of its hydraulic principle this gun exerts more pressure than any other portable gun.

Safety: The pressure may be relieved by a turn of the by-pass valve (11G) on the gun. The by-pass valve should not be closed to a point where it is jammed into its seat nor should it be opened tight against the stop (11H). The valve should be closed firmly but not tightly. It is not necessary to open the valve more than one full turn.

Due to "built-in" safety features, the Serpent 1699 provides maximum safety to both the valve and the gun itself. The hydraulic system of the gun is equipped with an internal relief valve set at 10,000 psi to protect the gun from damage if the operator were to continue to pump after the gun had been depleted of valve sealant. Also, to prevent damage to valve and sealant gun, in the event of sealant clogging the system or the operator pumping too fast, a 15,000 psi gauge is optional equipment. This accessory indicates the point which sufficient sealant pressure has been developed within the valve.

A Gauge can be ordered with the Serpentine Grease Gun as an accessory.

In the operation of the Serpent 1699, hydraulic fluid is pumped from the reservoir to the space behind the free moving piston. This fluid drives the piston through the grease barrel, forcing valve sealant through the high pressure hose (equipped with the button head coupler), into the button head fitting on the valve.

The lever handle (13) of the Serpent 1699 is detachable and has a hole drilled near one end. By removing the handle and placing the hole over the protruding pin on the grease barrel cap (7) the cap may be readily removed and reassembled. This handle may may be used as a pusher rod for returning the piston (8) to the bottom of the grease barrel (9) for the purpose of recharging the gun. Make sure handle doesn't scar inside of grease barrel.

To recharge the gun five steps are required:

  • 1 Relieve gun pressure by opening by-pass valve (11G) noting above instructions on operation of this valve.
  • 2 Remove grease barrel cap (7) and hose assembly with lever handle (13)as above.
  • 3 Return piston (8) to bottom of grease barrel (9) and close by-pass valve (11G). Make sure handle doesn't scar grease barrel as piston is returned.
  • 4 Insert one "J" size stick sealant using correct formula for service conditions.
  • 5 Replace grease barrel cap (7) and hose assembly and tighten cap with lever handle (13).

Time for recharging the Serpent 1699 is easily indicated to the operator. When all the valve sealant has been pumped out, a sharp increase in resistance to operation of the lever handle will be noted, the pressure gauge will drop rapidly. Reload before further pumping.
Use only special fluid made for this gun.


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